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The Evolution of SEO and the Biggest Changes we have seen since 2015

The Evolution of SEO and the Biggest Changes we have seen since 2015

The Evolution of SEO and the Biggest Changes we have seen since 2015

The evolution of SEO has seen some drastic changes in recent years. From the Google algorithm changes to the rise of AI and automation, we’ve seen a lot of change.

There are so many different factors that affect SEO rankings it is hard to pinpoint exactly what will happen in 2022. It’s safe to say that Google will continue to evolve and update their algo and we’ll see more automation tools come out like the introduction of Google’s RankBrain algorithm in 2015 and its impact on organic search results.

RankBrain is the Google system that became live after years of testing and was launched in October 2015. It is an artificial intelligence system that tackles complex queries by finding semantic meanings for words and phrases. RankBrain was designed to understand the context of queries, find related search results, and give more accurate search results than ever before.

In March 2017 Google announced its update called “Mobilegeddon” which addressed mobile optimisation for smartphones users on mobile devices. In 2018, Google made a number of updates to its algorithm. They were aimed at changing how search results are ranked and who is considered a high-quality site. These changes included giving more weight to links that come from reputable sites, like CNN or NYTimes, and downgrading links that come from spammy or low-quality sites like Yahoo or Reddit.

The rise of AI is already transforming the world as we know it, with a range of new technology emerging to make our lives easier. It’s no surprise that Google has been at the forefront of adopting new technology to make its business better – and more profitable – for years now.

In 2020, Google introduced their new “Hummingbird” algorithm, which significantly changed how it handles search results for users across the world. This latest update is known as “Mobilegeddon” because of its strong effect on mobile search results. People that have their sites optimised for mobile devices can rank higher in Google searches on a mobile device.

Search engine optimisation is an on-going process that changes every year. Google has been changing their algorithm for years and this year in 2022 is no exception.

“In conclusion: An SEO Strategy for Your Business Can Help You Prepare for Changes in the Search Ranking Factors”.

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